UPDATE: Why do Expatriates need an International Will


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International Will planning is often miss-understood, with many people thinking a single Will in their country of origin or their current country of residence is all that is required to take care of their dependents and global financial assets.

It is important to note that having an International Will in place is a vital part of an Expatriates financial planning needs, some would argue the most important, but unfortunately it is often overlooked by financial advisers or just doesn’t seem to get ticked off on the proverbial to do list.

I came across this article on International Will planning which offers a good summary of the issues involved and the rationale for putting an International Will in place.

In order to read the article, right click on the article below and open this in a new internet page.

 International Will Planning

International Will Planning_2

The following video outlines Googles recently launched Digital Will for your online content and passwords:

If you need to draw up your Wills or you recently purchased an asset in another country, please feel free to contact me on the following details to discuss your will and estate planning needs.


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